Marketing Performance

At Quayside Digital, marketing performance means generating more website traffic that leads to conversions for good ROIs / CPAs. This requires you to identifying the right traffic sources for your business and then build optimal performing campaigns. If you are an online retailer you have to capitalise on PPCs and Google Shopping. If you are brand, manufacturer that Facebook Paid Advertising is great channel to boost awareness and customers. If you want to take advantage of cross-border than affiliate marketing and marketplaces can be a cost effective overseas market entry solution.

“Dean (now Quayside Digital) played a key role in Wiggle’s rapid UK and international growth during my time as CEO (2009-13). During this time the business grew from £33m turnover to over £150m and online traffic rose from around 10m visits per annum to over 100m.”

Humphrey Cobbold – Wiggle CEO (2009-13)

Marketing Performance Activities

Quayside Digital has 14 years experience in building UK and overseas Adwords and Bing Ad PPCs accounts. With Google alone, we have managed accounts up to £8M a year spend. We are specialist in creating tightly-themed ad groups, keyword discovery, highly relevant ad text ensuring 8-10 quality scores, optimal click through rates (CTRs), bidding and optimal ROIs. We also have experience with using Marin, Kenshoo, Google Remarketing, Display and Youtube for successful advertising.

Quayside Digital has built and managed Google Shopping accounts covering all the major countries (UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden). We are specialists in creating optimal feeds, shopping campaigns, utilising negatives and establishing the right bidding strategies.

Quayside Digital can help you increase your new and returning customers through the Facebook Advertising platform. We will help you to set the right business objective (more awareness, traffic or conversions – prefered). Send traffic to your website or App. Help you to target the most relevant, high ROI audience (retargeting, custom, look-a-like audience). Set up the optimal performance ads for your campaign (formats: carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, collection, full screen experience). We will also monitor and adjust the budget, bids and schedule to continuously boost performance.

Quayside Digital has experience of managing affiliate campaigns across 5 networks and 18 countries (covering UK & Europe, North America, Fast East, Oceania and South America). We have worked with Awin (formerly, Affiliate Window and Zanox), Avantlink (US), DGM (Australia / New Zealand) and ValueCommerce (Japan). We have experience of working with networks and publishers to introduce win / win commission strategies that reward, real value referrals (de-duping from PPCs) and encourage driving new customers (high commission for new customers, greatly reducing commission to cashback / voucher sites).

We specialise in helping business increase their sales via marketplaces. We have experience of 7 different marketplaces, covering 12 countries: Amazon (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, US, CA, JP), eBay (UK, DE, AU) Tesco Direct (UK), CDiscount (FR), Bol (NL), Allegro (PL) and TradeMe (NZ). We will set up the accounts, review the competition, advise on the product range to sell, suggest pricing strategy and execute marketplace SEO. We will set up, monitor and optimise paid campaigns – we have experience of running PPCs with excellent ROI, always keeping ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) below 15%. On Amazon, we have helped businesses sell via Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central (FBA – Fulfilled by Amazon).

It’s said that a picture can paint a thousand words. But far less than a thousand words can paint a picture. Good copywriting grabs attention fast – with the power to motivate and the charm to change perceptions.

Words are just as important to engage the reader as pretty design and slick photography, possibly more so. That’s how Quayside Digital can help you attract customers and keep them glued – through brilliantly written, relevant, valuable and entertaining copy.

Our copywriters write for businesses and organisations from a wide range of industries, covering everything from consumer products and services to B2B and technical writing. Not only do they create appealing and effective content but they also ensure that what’s written includes everything needed for search engine friendly web pages.

Whether it’s writing a single page or creating full content for a new build project, Quayside Digital can help. We’ll either write from scratch or review and copy-polish what you may already have to achieve the best results.
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Dean really took the time to understand how our business ticks, and his recommendations and actions plans reflected his thorough approach. I’d happily recommend Dean.

Lee Harries
Head of Ecommerce, Roof Maker

Dean (Quayside Digital) is an exceptional Digital Marketer who I would have no hesitation in recommending to any company looking for best in class internet sales and market leading growth.

Stefan Barden
CEO (2013-17), Wiggle